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How to transition trade spending into investment

When I started selling we had no slotting and very little trade spending, we marketed using pull strategies using coupons, tv, print and radio to build trial and awareness. We occasionally had an off invoice allowance with the intent those dollars were shared with the consumer.

In recent years, trade spending has focused more on push efforts (deep discounts, such as price promotions). During the COVID 19 crisis, we have seen a shift to more D to C and E-commerce retailers as manufacturers sense a shift in purchasing by consumers. In this new business marketplace brands will need a pull strategy that is centered around building their community of consumers versus throwing trade dollars at brick & mortar retailers. It makes little to no sense to start distribution initiatives when your consumer base is small. Using today's technology, marketers can reach a broad range of consumers through social media and AI technology. What worked in 2019 as an effective way to build your brand needs to be revised as consumers shift where they buy and how they buy products.

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