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The Internicola Consulting Group is a complete Clean Beauty Sales Consultant Group that focuses on building top-line and bottom-line growth, by providing time-tested winning strategies and tactics by developing a road map on what products sell, where to sell them and how you should profitably sell across multiple channels.


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What makes us special?


  •  We Focus  only on clean, natural and organic beauty products.

  •  We have Experience with muliptle brands across multiple channels. 

  •  We Approach each brand like they were our own.

  •  We focus on building profitable Results for the brands shareholders.

  •  We have multiple Success stories to demonstrate our abilities to help your brand.

Our team has experience in building succesful brands across multiple channels and countries.


Our team has experience in bringing brands to successful exit.
Our strategy focuses on meeting your short and long term business needs with a thoughtful analysis and solutions. 

We provide our clients with time-tested sales strategies and tools to follow the sales process from creating the order with powerful sales presentations to the actual settlement of the invoices with the customer.

Our targeted approach helps your team focus on the right channels, the right customers, the right products, the right stores, the right pricing, the right promotions to build both trial and awareness of your brand effectively and efficiently.

We help teams maximize their sales results by developing new sales processes, tools, and skills that are required in today's new retail environment.

We help facilitate the change management process for your company. We can help your team achieve your goals!

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Values and Processs

Our Skills:

We are have a vast range of skills in building and managing brands both effectively and efficiently across multiple country's.  

Our Track Record:

We have successfully built four brands and brought them to sale to strategic investors for multiples as high as 3 times sales. 

Our Passion: 

We want to help small and emerging brands achieve their true potential by maximizing their sales potential by using our vast range of skills and experiences. 


Our Tailored Approach:

We can help guide your sales strategies and help you grow across multiple channels, smartly and efficiently by tapping into our vast knowledge, our  experiences in building and selling brands and our vast network that will help you save both time and money.

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Color Ban
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Planning & Implementation

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Channel & Customer Strategy

  • Pricing & Promotional Strategy

  • Trade Marketing

  • Sales Presentation Development

  • Goal Setting

  • Preparation for Exit

Management Support

  • Change Management

  • Designing New Sales Teams 

  • Talent Development

  • Sales Coaching

  • Field Sales Support

  • Broker Management Support

  • Distributor Management Support

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Home: Welcome
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Sales Administration & Analysis

  • Performance & Analysis Tracking

  • Sales Administration Support

  • Pricelist Development

  • Sales Tool Development

  • Product Registration Support

  • Deduction / MCB Analysis & Reconciliation

  • Store Level Data Minning 

Sales Process​

  • Design Post COVID 19

  • Fact-Based Selling

  • Top-Down / Bottom-Up Planning

  • Account Level Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Team Alignment

Team work
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Profit Improvement

  • Retailer Negotiations

  • Trade Spending Optimization

  • Efficient Trade Promotions

  • Trade Marketing

  • Pricing Strategy across Channels

  • MAP Strategy


  • International Distribution

  • Product Registration Support

  • Market Requirements

  • Canadian Market Expertise

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Tel. 707-230-6274

Cell. 707-540-2930


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